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Gift Personal Mentors to 100 Orphans in Kazakhstan


Titre : Gift Personal Mentors to 100 Orphans in Kazakhstan

Pays : Kazakhstan

Date : 2020-06-08

This Project will help to find personal Mentors-volunteers for more than 100 teenage orphans in 5 regions of Kazakhstan, learn them and provide with the professional psychological support to form positive and trusting relationships. The individual approach to each child and facilitation of long term communication with his/her Mentor will help to discover teenager’s life potential, raise the level of self-motivation to learn, prepare for living independently and save them from criminal influence.

There are almost 4000 teenagers in Kazakhstani orphanages which do have a small chance to be adopted due to their age only. Orphans grow up with delays in mental, physical, emotional and social development without feeling love, care and support from significant adults. The majority of orphanage graduates are unable to be integrated into society successfully. The lack of personal attention and poor preparation for independent life after orphanage also raises the risk of getting into criminal.

The Project resolves the social problem of not readiness of teenage orphans to self-dependence life by attraction of individual volunteer mentors who share their experience and knowledge and become significant adults to children. The project finds, learn mentors and ensure the mandatory professional psychological maintenance to each formed pair of teenager and his/her mentor helping relationships to become more reliable, long-term and effective.

The project will find individual mentors for more than 100 teenage orphans in several cities of Kazakhstan (Uralsk, Karaganda, Atyrau, Shymkent, Pavlodar) to help them to develop skills for independent living, confidence and self-motivation. Upon the special project maintenance such relationships overgrow pure long-term friendship when the teenagers to be sure they can rely on their mentors’ support and advices graduated from orphanages and not being alone at the age of 16 years old.

Organization Information : Dara Private Foundation

Budget : €32,484

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