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Educating Ten Future Leaders of Kazakhstan


Titre : Educating Ten Future Leaders of Kazakhstan

Pays : Kazakhstan

Date : 2017-08-21 // 2018-08-03

Salem School combines strong academic standards with a care and concern for the whole person. The focus isn’t solely on high levels of achievement, but developing character through moral values and emotional intelligence. This is a long-term investment in the future of Kazakhstan, those who will grow to influence others at all levels of society. Class sizes are small, the atmosphere is different, acceptance and encouragement are prioritized, and future leaders of quality are quietly growing up

The standards in education in Kazakhstan are rising as the government invests more in schools around the country. However, there is still widespread corruption within the system, meaning that good results are often bought. Class sizes are generally very large, and the standard of teaching and overall care for children is very variable but often well below acceptable. The focus even in better schools is solely on exam results, without much attention being given to broader developmental needs.

Salem School is different. As an independent school it still has to adhere to government standards and curriculum, but with more flexibility than state schools. The school’s caring atmosphere and smaller class sizes allow children to have their wider needs understood and to develop good character and values rather than just ’playing the system’. Children with disabilities are also included in mainstream classes, changing the attitudes of all. The country needs future leaders with such qualities.

The country needs leaders who will bring a positive influence and challenge discriminatory attitudes, not just accumulate more and dispense with the less fortunate as they climb the ladder. Sponsoring an additional ten children through Salem School will create more of these kind of future leaders in Kazakhstan, impacting not only them and their families but wider society, business, government, education, healthcare and more into the future. Potentially thousands could be affected for the better.

Organization Information : Salem Union

Budget : €1,578

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