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Al Hadaf projet de plaidoyer


Titre : Al Hadaf projet de plaidoyer

Pays : Maroc

Date : Start date : 2014-04-01 ; End date : 2015-05-31

Identification : A-02674-02:MA

The advocacy for the mountain areas intended primarily to push stakeholders to adopt specific regional policies for these areas on the horizon of the approval of a specific law of mountainous areas under international experience in this field.

During the 1st year , the following objectives will be achieved : * - Strengthen the capacity of civil society and social movements in terms of advocacy and networking on local , regional, and national * - Create space for reflection and debate on issues related to mountain areas and contact the media on the issue * - Develop advocacy plan at local regional and national level * - Develop a national agenda on mountainous areas through regional agendas already developed during the first year. * - Publish a book summarizing all recommendations emerged during all meetings organized * - Create a website

Financement : Netherlands Government Co-funding Dutch
Total budget : 52,000 EUR

Acteur (s) : Al Hadaf Association

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