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Access to land for people of rural area


Titre : Access to land for people of rural area

Pays : Mali

Date : Start date ; 2017-08-01 // End date 2020-07-31

Identification : A-05236-03:ML

In rural areas in general and curiously in the areas of the project, women, youth and people with disabilities hardly access production factors. Those that have access to it don’t have control even though the agricultural orientation law stipulates respectively its articles 53 and 54 that : The government guarantees equal rights to women and men in rural areas, in particular in agricultural exploitations. The insertion of youth in all activities bound to the Agricultural professions constitutes a priorityfor central and local governments. The present project appears in the setting of the improvement of living conditions of the farming populations notably women, youth (girls and boys) and people with disabilities providing them with access to resources (land, finances) through theircapacity building on influence in the regions of Sikasso and Mopti in Mali. Vulnerable layers or even marginalized in relation to access constitute in these zones, women, youth and people with disabilities with regard to controlling production factors, although they constitute the majority of active producers in rural areas. The project is based on an inclusive approach that combines strategies of mobilization, information, sensitization, empowerment, data collection and treatment and advocacy/lobbying, in favor of a change of policies and practices with regard to the layers above mentioned.

Financement : Netherlands Dutch SP D&D VOICE
Total budget : 186,247 EUR

Acteur (s) : Soro Association

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