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My voice for social change (Space for GIRL Participation FDH)


Titre : My voice for social change (Space for GIRL Participation FDH)

Pays : Mali

Date : Start date : 2021-04-01 // End date 2022-12-31

Identification : A-06331-03:ML

The present Project named My voice for social change will be implemented for 18 months and target young girl citizen engagement.

The global objective * contribute to young girl leadership and confidence development able to influence local decisions - markers in favor of women rights in the communities * facilitate the relationship and synergy between young girl and women right defenders. * implement virtual platform between girl and communties to exchange and learn and etablish a secure space to share and to discuss about their sexuality and others GVB issues. * during 24 months the project targets to Develop a pool of young women and girl leaders to create and occupy spaces for social change, influence policies/decisions in favor of women’s rights byConnecting the senior coaches with other young women and girl leaders, * virtual platform animation for monitoring and exchange between youngs and femmesleaders models.

Mains activities are ; training and others budling capaciites activities includes exchange, mentorat and coaching inclusive approches includes vidoaos and audio production and website also. Online and offline activities focused onpublicaion, doculmentation and sharing. the project will be implenented in Kati and Bamako.

Financement :
Total budget : 11,651 EUR

Acteur (s) : Femmes et Droits Humains (Women and Human Rights - FDH)

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