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Young living with disability


Titre : Young living with disability

Pays : Mali

Date : Start date : 2021-04-01 // End date : 2022-09-30

Identification : A-06331-04:ML

The present Project named oneself affirmation and socio-economic involvement is implemented by Association Jigiyaso for 18months in Kati. The project targets young living with intellectual disability et aims to defend and promote their right throughthe building capacities, sensitization and networking. The project is focusing on young living with intellectual disability right to access an social services and productive resources as power to express themselves and citizen active . the Projet contributes to involved young with intellectual disability in their community and broken a social barriers. The project will involve the parents and others stakeholders to create a social and inclusive environment for Young living with intellectual disability particular a girls.

The objectives : * To create an appropriated space of meeting, exchange, artistic expression and entertainment or playful for Young living with intellectual disability particular a girls * To improve their physical and intellectual skills and confidence by arts, theatric and body expression in the community. * To sensitize and awareness the parents on people with disability rights increasing their acceptance, protection and family careful.

Mains activities are theatrical activities, exchange, music and corporal expression, play roles, choreographies, short video production, broadcast radio, ronde table and public exchange.

Financement : Netherlands Dutch SP D&D VOICE
Total budget : 13,741 EUR

Acteur (s) : Assocation center Jigiya So

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