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Support 26 000 children with palsy in Kazakhstan


Titre : Support 26 000 children with palsy in Kazakhstan

Pays : Kazakhstan

Date : 2019-12-02

Every year Kasietti Zhol Fund is giving qualified and free services to 1,560 children with cerebral palsy from low-income families and orphanages to embrace the diagnosis, to learn every-day skills (walking, sitting, eating, etc), to communicate and get adapted into a society. And now, looking forward for fundraising to let those in waitlist reach their aim.

According to the Statistics’ Department of Ministry of National Economic more than 26.000 families have a child with cerebral palsy living in Kazakhstan. Despite the work done by government, more than 75% of families do not have an access to free and qualified rehabilitation services for their children.

Kasietti Zhol PCF is opening fully equiped rehabilitation centers in Kazakhstan to give access to all children with CP get needed services near their location. All specialists of centers and parents of children-beneficiaries are trained by mentors from all over the world to teach better methods of rehabilitation.

Healthy Children project increases awareness of community about CP having children, as well as develops affordable charity and mutual support culture in society. Through providing regular and early intervation services the project increases the chance of a child to get inclusive education. Whereas, the highest aim is not only teach children with CP some skills, but help society accept these children as full members.

Organization Information : Kasietti Zhol Public Charity Fund

Budget : €45,127

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