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Big Birthday Wish to Restore School in Timbuktu


Titre : Big Birthday Wish to Restore School in Timbuktu

Pays : Mali

Date : 2013-07-11 // 2014-01-22

Tourari school, was the"Big Birthday Wish" project/dream of two AZ friends, Eileen Rogers and Debbie Hill through Ravaged by Al Queda rebels, it recently reopened after the French liberation of Timbuktu in early 2013. Now more than 120 children 6-12 are back in school ! Caravan to Class & Eileen and Debbie, are asking for your donations to help provide books, school supplies, pay teachers’ salaries and to build a new 3-room school. Make the Big Wish Dream true again for these kids

The nomadic Tuareg children in Mali have never known formal school, nor has the Malian government invested in building schools in their villages, located outside of Timbuktu, where the literacy rate is less than 10%. The militant rebel occupation of Northern Mali closed the Tourari school, intensifying the injustice for the children of this village. Caravan to Class has since reopened the Tourari school and needs your help to support the dream of education for these children !

Caravan to Class’ focus is on engaging partners, namely the Ministry of Education, school directors, parents in the villages, and the UN World Food Programme, to provide education to deserving children with a focus on literacy. An educated child creates more income earning opportunity and a better life for their entire family. Educating a child is the best opportunity you could provide for them for a chance at a life without poverty.

Education allows these deserving children the opportunity to be a productive part of society in Timbuktu, the country of Mali, and the global community, thus breaking the long cycle of illiteracy and providing hope for future well being. Each child who is educated will pass on that value to their children... and we will change the future for generations to come.

Organization Information : Caravan to Class

Budget : €8,676

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