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A Yellow School Bus for Rural Morocco


Titre : A Yellow School Bus for Rural Morocco

Pays : Maroc

Date : 2015-12-01 // 2022-01-07

This project will establish a network of school buses to provide safe, accessible, and affordable transportation to and from local secondary schools for 660 children in Morocco’s High Atlas Mountains, where more than 70% of the population lives in poverty. The first phase of the project will require two minibuses and the resources to manage and track the progress of the project throughout 1 year. The local commune and Morocco’s Ministry of Education will join us in managing the bus systems.

After graduating from primary school, many young children in Morocco’s High Atlas Mountains are unable to move onto secondary school simply because these schools are often located several miles away from their homes, accessible only through unpaved gravel paths that wind through the mountains. With no guaranteed mode of transportation, most simply drop out of school ; a mere 20-30% of students who enroll actually graduate from secondary school.

We can provide better access to education through safe, accessible and affordable transportation. After raising funds, we will purchase two minibuses for Ouarzazate and establish bus routes and a schedule for our pilot phase. Buses will then pick up students living in nearby villages at scheduled stops on the way to school and drop them off after the school day. Girls will receive priority as they are more marginalized. The pilot project will serve students of Bouramane College from 12 villages.

We aim to increase the number of students who enroll in and attend secondary school in Morocco’s High Atlas Mountains. At the moment, 15 students are enrolled in the Bouramane College. By having reliable transportation, 452 more graduates of primary schools will be able to access secondary schooling at Bouramane College. After the one year pilot, we’ll work to expand the system to reach more communities in the broader region in the coming 10 years, serving the region’s 50+ villages.

Organization Information : Centre Imdghass d’Etude de Formation et Developpement

Budget : €13,880

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