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Literacy for Moroccan Girls


Titre : Literacy for Moroccan Girls

Pays : Maroc

Date : 2006-07-07 // 2010-01-13

Promotion of school enrollment/retention, particularly for rural girls. Adult literacy classes, particularly for women. Encouraging national educational policy reform and other local initiatives.

An estimated 2.5 million girls of primary-school age live in Morocco’s countryside, where less than half attend school. When they do, 80% drop out between grades 1-6. Girls generally marry before age 14 and help with chores and child-rearing. There is strong social pressure not to attend school, and when they do, often there’s hostility and they leave discouraged. NEF is working in a range of ways in isolated Berber villages in Morocco’s High Atlas Mountains to reverse that.

Development of Parent-Teacher Associations for community involvement ; closer cooperation among communities, teachers & administrators. Adult education classes and extracurricular learning. Renovation of schools.

Creates national model for rural educational reform. Confronts gender issue by engaging women in PTAs & adult literacy. Education will improve quality of life and stimulate local economic development. Antidote to terrorism.

Organization Information : Near East Foundation (NEF)

Budget : €2,975

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