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Low Tech/High Impact Cookstoves for Moroccan Women


Titre : Low Tech/High Impact Cookstoves for Moroccan Women

Pays : Maroc

Date : 2006-08-03 // 2007-09-10

Fuel-efficient cook stoves and ovens made from clay reduce women’s hard labor for firewood collection, diminish harmful smoke, protect the environment, make time for more education & income generation

Moroccan girls as young as 8 and women as old as 60 spend as much as 120 hours finding firewood for essential cooking and heating. Simple clay appliances can reduce this labor & decrease wood consumption by 50% (30,000+ tons of wood saved annually in 7 villages alone). Reduce health hazards & premature aging ; increase enthusiasm/energy for education ; make more time for income generating activities.

Provide fuel-efficient cook stoves and baking ovens to Berber village women in Morocco’s High Atlas Mountains. Train local women leaders to teach other women & girls their use. Reinforce education/self-improvement & supplemental income.

Demonstration that simple changes can signficantly improve quality of life for entire families. Far-reaching impact for continuing female education. Reversal of environmental degradation. Model for widespread replication.

Organization Information : Near East Foundation (NEF)

Budget : €1,468

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