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Emergency Intervention in Jandouba


Titre : Emergency Intervention in Jandouba

Pays  : Tunisie
Localisation : Jandouba

Code : 020_001651

Date de clôture : 2015-03-31

Heavy rainfall has caused the Oued Medjerda river and its tributaries to overflow and the city of Boussalem, in North West Tunisia, has been badly affected, with flood water reaching nearly two metres high. Schools have been closed for more than a week, and on Friday night, several families across the city had to climb on to the roofs of their homes for safety. The Tunisian government is evacuating families as more homes are expected to flood from water continuing to flow into the city. Currently, 156 families are seeking refuge in Boussalem’s secondary school and a crisis committee has been formed to oversee efforts to help those affected. The government has provided blankets and food to families seeking refuge in Boussalem’s secondary school, but it is not enough to cover the needs. Those still in Boussalem have been without power and water for three days. Islamic Relief is hoping to respond through the provision of food, water, blankets, clothes, kitchen sets, hygiene kits, and sanitation systems.The city has experienced severe flooding before. In February 2012, streets flooded, farms were destroyed and roads were blocked. Many people are still in debt after borrowing money to rebuild and refurnish their homes. There was also extensive flooding in 1990, when more than 50 people died, and in 1969, when more than 500 people lost their lives. As per Islamic Relief need assessment conducted this week, 2128 families have been affected by the floods and need urgent assistance.This proposal aims to Improved access to shelter, NFIs, water and sanitation, food, and basic education services for 2128 floods affected families by a) The rehabilitation of 200 damaged houses through cash transfer in Janduba North (Stigat, Souk Jamai, Dir ben Basha ; b)rehabilitating physical infrastructure, e.g. school buildings, school latrines and water sources in schools in Jendouba ; c) providing agricultural production opportunities and training for 500 HH ; e) Distribution of sheep, vaccination to the 100 most vulnerable households. The Project overall goal : Improved access to basics food needs to reduce vulnerability of 156 flood affected households in Jandouba Governorate

Bénéficiaires : 936

Financement : Islamic Relief Malaysia
Value (GBP) : 3,571

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