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Winter Campaign 2017 - Warm Me Up 3


Titre : Winter Campaign 2017 - Warm Me Up 3

Pays  : Tunisie
Localisation : Beja

Code : 020_002075

Date de clôture : 2017-02-15

This project is planned to provide the Tunisian families in underprivileged areas with winter relief items ; woolen blanket, winter coat, winter woolen hat, gloves, woolen scarves, and socks. Within the improved situation, the feedback addresses the variation of the rate of attendance of schools even in severe weather conditions. The overall objective of this project is to provide the necessary winter relief items ; woolen blanket, winter coat, winter, woolen hat, gloves, woolen scarf, and socks for 272 children in Jendouba , El kef and Béja governorates. where IR Tunisia is also implementing a WASH project. Winter relief items will be purchased in accordance to transparent procurement process in North-Tunisia ( Jendouba , El kef and Béja governorates.) transferred from a designated warehouse nearby those areas. The overall project runs for an amount of 11 000 euros. PROJECT ACTIVITIES The project proposed activities to ensure effective implementation process are : - Need assessment - MOU signing with the local partners - Identification and registration of 272 children (vulnerable children) from the project areas - Finalizing the list of beneficiaries - Conducting project planning meeting with all the stakeholders to prepare the action plan. - Regular follow up process for the beneficiaries - Financial follow up by ensuring that all beneficiaries receive their entailments - Monitoring and Evaluation - Reporting - Visibility, Case Studies, and Media Coverage

Bénéficiaires : 1 632

Financement : Islamic Relief Malaysia
Value (GBP) : 9,342

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