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You Matter to Me : Tunisia Orphans Support


Titre : You Matter to Me : Tunisia Orphans Support

Pays  : Tunisie
Localisation : Kebelli

Code : 020_001601

Date de clôture : 2016-08-01

YOU MATTER TO ME is a project dedicated to orphans whose age ranges from 6 to 13 years studying in primary schools in Tunisia. This project is intended to be active for a period of 1 year with the objective of evaluating the performance of those orphaned pupils and assess the outcome of improved conditions. It aims at creating more conducive learning environment which will help minimize the repetition and drop-out rates as indicators of the degrading quality of the educational system. By means of this project, we wish to empower the orphaned child rights as described at what follows : ? Provision of basic services : they have the right to education, health and recreation. ? Participation : They have the right to participate in communities to choose to make a decision and be involved in programs. ? Protection : they have the right of protection from abuse, discrimination and exploitation. ? Widows’ Economic Empowerment : provide small grants to create small scale ventures to local impoverished widows. Income from these small projects helps families provide for themselves. This program also enables children to stay with their family so can receive the unconditional love they need. It is intended to provide remedy for the problems of orphans / vulnerable children and ensure sustaining the basic necessities to orphans, improving their health and nutrition, supporting the orphan educationally, socially, and morally which will help them to get the chance of a more successful life free from poverty and make them become self-reliant in the near future.

Bénéficiaires : 1 800

Financement : Islamic Relief USA
Value (GBP) : 210,396

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