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Provision of Safe Water to Titibougou Community


Titre : Provision of Safe Water to Titibougou Community

Pays  : Mali

Code : 020_002696-04

Date de clôture : 2018-11-21

This intervention will implement a solar powered improved village water system with 3 standpipes equipped with 6 taps which will provide drinking water to 1,500 people. Thus, drinking water coverage rate for the village would be increased from 12% to 21%. This project is in line with IRWs Strategic Focus Area 2 (Water and Sanitation) and Goal 6 "Clean water and Sanitation" of SDGs. A participatory approach will be a key component of project implementation. In order to develop a sense of ownership of the project, the beneficiaries will carry out all the tasks that do not require qualified labor. The committee of the association will ensure community mobilization and will follow with the control office of the construction of the facilities according to the standards of execution mentioned in the contract with the company.

Bénéficiaires : 375

Financement : Partner Development SBU - Formerly Emerging Markets (IRW)
Value (GBP) : 16,865

Islamic Relief Worldwide

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