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Flood Response in Bamako


Titre : Flood Response in Bamako

Pays  : Mali
Localisation : Bamako,

Code : 020_003093

Date de clôture : 2019-09-07

The purpose of this action is to provide emergency assistance to communities affected by the flood. The affected population’s food stocks, domestic animals and other properties were washed away. They are now vulnerable to food insecurity so the proposed project will provide cash vouchers among 368 food insecured flood affected households to enable them to purchase food and non food items including water sanitation items and education materials for the children as well. It will enable affected people to better cope with the present flooding situation. The affected people will be able to purchase food and non food items considering their need and priorities from the local market. The food and non food items are available in the local market and the affected people will be able to purchase quality goods at a competitive price. The affected people have access to the local market and they have shown interest to have cash vouchers during the joint needs assessment conducted by the Islamic Relief Worldwide and Save the Children. Both agencies will work together to implement this project. Islamic Relief Worldwide will target 50% of the beneficiaries (184 HHs) and Save the Children will target the remaining 50% of the beneficiaries (184 HHs). This project targets 3 locations (Commune II, V and VI) of Bamako, each agency will take lead in one commune each and divide the final commune. This is subject to our beneficiary selection exercise with the overall aim of ensuring both organisations targeting an equal amount of households. In terms of the budget, there will be a straight 50 - 50 split with each agency receiving £50,000 each to implement their respective responses

Bénéficiaires : 6484

Financement : START Network

Islamic Relief Worldwide

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