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Vocational Training and Livelihoods Support for Orphan Families in Yemen


Titre : Vocational Training and Livelihoods Support for Orphan Families in Yemen

Pays  : Yemen

Code : 020_002281

Date de clôture : 2017-12-01

The project aims to help the families of the orphans secure a sustainable source of income and improve their living standards. This is to be done by conducting a needs assessment to assess the ability and willingness of the guardians to have an income generating activity. Based on the assessments, different training needs will appear and accordingly mothers will be organized into groups to receive training of their needs e.g. incense and perfumes making group , sewing group , food production group etc.. This will be followed by management and vocational training to develop the technical skills of the guardians and help them successfully manage their small enterprises. The trainings are expected to be take 2 to 3 weeks. IRY will contract specialized centres in the targeted locations and will provide transportation for the orphans mothers. The beneficiaries will then be supported with business start-up-grants to help the mothers establish their small enterprises. Families will be selected based on the following main criteria ; willingness and ability to work and run a small income generating activity / willingness to advance, Children in the house attending school. Lives in a permanent location and doesn’t move occasionally (Have been in the same house for two years at least. Upon completion of the project, orphans guardians will be expected to have well established small income generating activities that will help them support themselves and their families financially Aims of the project 1- Provide vocational and managerial training to 80 Guardians 2- Provide loans to 80 guardians to establish small income generating activities 3- Raise awareness about importance of savings and managing financial services

Bénéficiaires : 600

Financement :
Value (GBP) : 12,373

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