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Sponsor A Girl’s Education in Rural Morocco


Titre : Sponsor A Girl’s Education in Rural Morocco

Pays : Maroc

Date : 2020-11-12

Education For All Morocco ensures girls in the High Atlas region of Morocco can access secondary school by building and running safe, superbly staffed, well-equipped boarding houses. We have 6 boarding houses accommodating over 200 girls. It costs $3 a day to give a girl 3 nutritious meals, a cosy bed, access to books and computers and a ’family-feeling’ community of dedicated staff and friends for ongoing support and encouragement. This project will sponsor 50 girls in our new house !

In rural areas of Morocco, girls are excluded from secondary education due to living too far away from the schools and being too poor to afford safe transport. In the High Atlas mountain region of Morocco, illiteracy rates are as high as 70%. Without an education, generations of girls and women remain illiterate, unequal and bound to poverty and early marriage.

Education for All Morocco has found a cost effective, safe and successful solution. We build and run girls boarding houses close to the secondary schools, bringing 200 girls from remote rural villages in the mountains into the towns where there are schools. For only $3 a day, a girl can live with us in the boarding houses where she receives 3 nutritious meals a day, a comfy bed to sleep in, hot showers, access to books and a computer room, lots of friends and a dedicated house mother.

At Education For All we believe that an educated girl educates the next generation. We see girls at our houses thriving, passing their school exams and going onto University and even studying Masters Degrees. They are the first in their villages to reach these levels of education, making them important examples and role models for unstoppable change. An educated woman can contribute fully to her family, community, the economy and support the overall development of her nation.

Organization Information : Education For All Ltd

Budget : €144,078

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