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Sponsor Empowerment for a Teen Girl in Morocco


Titre : Sponsor Empowerment for a Teen Girl in Morocco

Pays : Maroc

Date : 2020-11-25

Project Soar envisions a world where all girls know their Value, Voice, Body, Rights and Path : The 5 Soar Pillars of Empowerment. This project will support the empowerment of Girl Squads, or groups of 20 marginalized teen girls, across Morocco through the Project Soar in a Box award-winning program. Our 25 workshops spark a transformative process whereby squads of girls further develop their self-confidence ; speak up ; embrace their adolescent body ; fight for their rights ; and set future goals.

Adolescent girls are the most vulnerable and marginalized group on the planet today. These girls face the double discrimination of being female and young. The global pandemic has caused a major ripple effect for Soar Girls who — with few resources and confined to their homes — face increased risks for gender-based violence and early and forced marriage.

All Soar Girls take a pledge to stay in school. Our program is nimble + flexible with a mission to keep marginalized teen girls empowered regardless of location or lockdown barriers. Workshops move through an opening circle + facilitated discussion on topics such as, "I can manage my menstruation effectively" or "I have the right to be free from forced & underage marriage," followed by activities designed for teen girls, and ending with journaling as well as guided meditation/visioning.

We provide a holistic program that helps girls realize their core values. Knowing their rights and having the skills to speak up allows girls to become informed self-advocates so they have the confidence to finish their education, increase their employability, and co-create inclusive communities. 1.4% of Project Soar Girls marry underage, 91.95% lower than the national child marriage average of 16%. 94.5% Project Soar Girls go on to higher education vs. 51.4% of all girls nationwide.

Organization Information : Project Soar

Budget : €52,804

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