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Food Assistance for Assets, Yemen


Titre : Food Assistance for Assets, Yemen

Pays  : Yemen

Code : 050_000375

Date de clôture : 2019-01-31

This project aims to meet the emergency needs of the communities in the targeted areas for 4 months Food assistance for asset activities. During the initial stages of this proposal, IRY conducted initial field assessments in Bilad Alroos district, and conducted group discussions with people in the targeted communities to assess their needs in the areas of education, water, agriculture and infrastructure rehabilitation to identify activities that contribute to livelihoods and improving the education process. Families will benefit as direct beneficiaries unskilled Labors with average 12,600 people from the Food assistance for asset project. This project will create community assets in the targeted district under the activity of Cash for Work. To the possible extent, 1800 poor families will be employed in the project. Noting that the unskilled labors will not be only from the targeted Communities but we will include from the surrounding Communities from the same district based on the size of the proposed intervention. Under this project, food insecure households will have access to food (through cash transfers) during the critical period of the year. At the same time, households will be engaged in project activities oriented to create or restore community assets that enhance communities’ resilience in the face of shocks of the current conflict. The monthly income for HHs working in this project will be US$ 6 a day for 15 days a month for four consecutive months in a year. PROJECT OBJECTIVES • To enhance the resilience of the crisis-affected rural communities through providing the required support for creating community assets. • To alleviate the suffering of the conflict affected and most vulnerable families in Bilad Alroos district in Sanaa governorate through involving 1,800 households in Food assistance for asset activities that aim at providing cash to access food basic needs. • Supporting in improving the educational process through involving communities in the rehabilitation of schools and other community assets that contribute positively on the education process.

Bénéficiaires : 12 600

Financement : World Food Programme (UNWFP)
Value (GBP) : 164 407

Islamic Relief Worldwide

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