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Emergency Life-Saving Food Assistance to Maghrib Ans District in Dhammar


Titre : Emergency Life-Saving Food Assistance to Maghrib Ans District in Dhammar

Pays  : Yemen
Localisation : Dhamar, Sanaa,

Code : 020_003004

Date de clôture : 2019-03-11

The proposed project for Sida-RRM will be supporting the same community in Dhamar governote as all its districts are categorized under either crisis phase 38% and emergency phase 32% of the total population. The project will be targeting a district where there are people in phase 4 according to IPC (Dec.2018 - Jan.2019 ) and based on coordination with FSAC. The Sida – RRM proposed project will focus on community participation. The filed team will induct the beneficiaries and communities regarding the project inputs and selection criteria through coordination with community committees which will be formed during the early beginning of implementing the project. Community committees, will also participate in identifying what type of items from the designed food basket the community prefer and follow up the distribution of food baskets. The community committees, in brief, will be the linkage between Islamic Relief and targeted communities. They will also follow up and monitor the progress of the project implementation. The outcome of the RRM project will be accomplished through the delivery of 3,090 food baskets in 6 rounds to an estimated number of 3,605 of high vulnerable people (515 HHs) in the targeted areas in Maghrib Ans district in Dhamar. When implementing this response, Islamic Relief will take into account the selection criteria of beneficiaries with prioritization of female heading households, muhamasheen (marginalized), PLWDs, HHs having SAM cases, widows, orphans, malnourished and any other vulnerable families with most acute need in the hosting community besides IDPs if not covered by other implementing partners. Islamic Relief field staff are aware of the prioritization strategy. When authorities and community partners are participating in beneficiary selection, the staff will ensure that all partners are aware of and adhere to the agreed on selection criteria

Bénéficiaires : 3 605

Financement : Islamic Relief Sweden

Islamic Relief Worldwide

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