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Life-Saving Food Assistance (LSFA)


Titre : Life-Saving Food Assistance (LSFA)

Pays  : Yemen

Code : 020_002758

Date de clôture : 2019-02-10

This project is emergency food and NFIs assistance where all beneficiaries will receive three food rations in three distribution cycles and one off distribution for the kitchen sets. The food and NFIs distribution will be conducted to cover the period from July to December 2018. The intervention is targeted based on response from IRY funded by IRUSA considering the vulnerability of those families suffer from displacement where the circumstances is very difficult and it was reported that the transportation cost for the a single person from Al Hodeidah governorate to Sanaa have reached 20,000 YER which is equivalent 70 USD and most of the IDPs are not able to afford it for that they had to sell some of their properties to cover that as the situation is escalating day after day. The humanitarian crisis in Al Hodeidah is going to become more severe due to the ongoing food shortage, inoperative health facilities, ongoing fighting around the city of Al Hodeidah, and the closure of Al Hodeidah sea port. The distribution process will be undertaken by IRY staff located in the targeted governorate with leadership from the main office in Sana’a. IRY will deliver food and NFIs commodities to the FDPs/Schools and inform the targeted HHs of the distribution date, at least two days before the starting day to enable all the beneficiaries to be around that day. IRY will work in cooperation with the local authority, schools management to manage the food delivery, storage, distribution and solving any related problems. The distribution team consists of the project manager, field coordinators, distribution officers, monitoring officer, casual workers and volunteers.

Bénéficiaires : 10 500

Financement : Islamic Relief USA
Value (GBP) : 380 725

Islamic Relief Worldwide

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