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55 laptops for our underprivileged female students


Titre : 55 laptops for our underprivileged female students

Pays : Maroc

Date : 2020-06-08

Dar Moustaqbel, ’House of the Future’, is our student house in Marrakech and hosts 55 girls from underprivileged families. We offer them the opportunity to attend university by offering a safe house where they can prosper. Especially for girls from poor families, it is not easy to start a study and enter the labour market. Being digitally connected is a necessity for our students, and therefore we need to invest in laptops, especially now during Covid-19.

Morocco has always been left behind in literacy, especially amongst women. If given the possibility to go to university, girls are very willing to work hard and to be successful. For our hard-working students, a laptop will be indispensable for their studies and future work, especially now, when they have to study from home. A university degree will give them acces to the labour market and a way out of poverty. And by that, these girls will have a huge impact on their families and communities.

From the first day in Dar Moustaqbel, our students are offered a safe home, professional guidance and healthy food. Computer skills are also part of their training, but equipment is expensive. Due to Covid-19, we now realise that a laptop is indispensable to avoid that the girls are left behind in their studies. Investing in access to the digital world, we will increase the girls’ effectiveness and learning capacity, and as such it will be a valuable investment in their professional future.

All students in our house are offered an internship, in order to gain work experience and to start building a professional network, every year. Having a laptop will support them in their studies and enhance their work experience. We are convinced that this will not only help their personal development, but it will also have significant long-term effect on their families and wider communities. According to Michelle Obama : "If you educate a girl, you educate the next generation".

Organization Information : Stichting Moustaqbel

Budget : €23,105

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