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Secure livelihoods for vulnerable youth in Senegal


Titre : Secure livelihoods for vulnerable youth in Senegal

Pays : Senegal

Date : 2017-09-11

We are working to provide the most vulnerable young people in Senegal with equal access to quality, market-driven vocational training and secure livelihoods. At the grassroots level, we undertake pilot projects to test innovative solutions and document a model of best practices. We make sure vulnerable young people get selected, enrolled and given the support they need to succeed. At the national level we aim to share best practices, influence policy and bring about systemic change

In Senegal, 60% of young people aged 15-35 are currently unemployed. Despite the recent proliferation of training projects and entrepreneurship opportunities, they often remain inaccessible to the most vulnerable, including school drop-outs, girls, children in street situations, and Koranic pupils. They fail to access opportunities because they don’t have the level required, the social or financial support needed. Projects targeting the vulnerable have failed to bring about lasting change.

We make sure vulnerable young people can be identified, guided, enrolled, and supported to learn "in-demand" skills, find employment or start their income-generating activity. We have successfully supported 3 cohorts through training in horticulture and set up a "Follow up & integration office", removing obstacles and paving the way. We will continue this work until these services are fully sustainable. We are initiating new partnerships providing other market-driven training and opportunities.

By researching, testing, documenting and sharing innovative and best practices we aim to influence both policy and practice at the national level. By working in a participatory way with all stakeholders we want to make sure grassroots solutions can be developed and find their way into national strategies. To make sure to bring about long-lasting and systemic change, Aspyre Africa will amongst others be working in collaboration with the Government Fund for Vocational Training (3FPT).

Organization Information : Aspyre Africa

Budget : €57,370

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