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Provide solar lanterns to poor school children


Titre : Provide solar lanterns to poor school children

Pays : Senegal

Date : 2019-12-02

This project will provide safe, environmentally friendly solar lanterns to students and families in remote villages in developing countries that are not connected to the power grid or lack reliable electricity. Now children can do their homework at night and adults can engage in productive activities. These lanterns light their paths to a brighter future. Our organization is all-volunteer. We rely on volunteers and partners to help us make the most of every dollar that you donate.

Without light in the night children cannot study and adults cannot engage in productive activities. Candles and kerosene emit harmful fumes and also pose a fire hazard, especially for thatch-roofed huts. They are also expensive, and consume funds that could be used for other productive purposes, such as school supplies.

Our solar lanterns are safe, reliable and environmentally friendly. They allow children to do their homework and continue their studies during the hours of darkness without exposure to noxious fumes from kerosene lanterns.

Education is the path to a brighter future. In Senegal, for example, the national language is French. This is a language which is not spoken in the villages. It must be learned in school. Without light at night, children cannot do their French lessons. Without French, they will not be able to obtain decent employment in the cities and will be limited to subsistence farming or animal husbandry in the villages.

Organization Information : Solar Empowerment Initiative Incorporated

Budget : €13,298

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