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Foroba Yelen collective light for rural Mali


Titre : Foroba Yelen collective light for rural Mali

Pays : Mali

Date : 2010

Foroba Yelen is the name by which villagers have welcomed the lighting tool created by italian architect Matteo Ferroni after two years of anthropological studies in rural Mali, exploring the cultural dimension of the light. Locally made, the tool had spread in fifteen villages in the region of Segou integrating into work, social life and religion.

The project aims to develop a model to provide light in rural Mali in harmony with local culture and nature. Considering light as a cultural phenomena, italian architect Matteo Ferroni introduced the concept of collective light and created an appropriate lighting tool after running and anthropological study on rural communities. The collective light concept extends to technologies the culture of customary groups and represents a response to conventional public lighting solutions. The portable lamps are tools owned by the village to brighten activities, rather than public fixtures installed to brighten spaces. Ferroni created the first prototype from a bicycle. Then we trained local artisans to manufacture the lamps and developed - with the expertise of european engineers - LED units that could be assembled and fixed by local radio/TV repairmen. A youth association was established and trained as interface between the villagers and the craftsmen, namely to supply raw materials to the artisans and deliver the finished lamps to women associations. Each women association appointed a committee who establish allocation criteria of the lamps through a rent-out model and manage the generated incomes. An operator is appointed within the committee to maintain the lamps and charge the batteries. In three years we implemented the project in the Commune Rurale de Cinzana (Segou) delivering 105 lamps to 25 villages and 3 health care centres and monitored their integration to village’s life.

First beneficiaries are women associations who own the lamps and craftsmen who manufacture them. Moreover the whole community uses them as a working tool and religious instrument e.g. teacher, doctor, midwife, imam, butcher, mason, veterinarian, mill operator, weddings, funerals, baptisms, Ramadan

Porteur projet : Fondazione eLand

Financement : Fondazione eLand


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