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Sustainable bike shop in Okalongo, Namibia


Titre : Sustainable bike shop in Okalongo, Namibia

Pays : Namibie

Date : 2010-11-28 // 2013-08-12

Bicycles for Humanity Georgia is a non-profit group dedicated to providing bikes to villages in Namibia. We collect, package and send the bikes and look to improve lives through transportation.

Namibia suffers from one of the worst HIV/AIDs rates in the world, at about 19%. In addition, poverty, unemployment, frequent droughts and floods all serve to further hurt the Namibians. Their relative isolation makes it extremely difficult to transport medical supplies, hold steady employment or even attend school. All of these factors combine to make life very difficult for Namibians and further increase their plight.

A bike can provide a world of resources by creating a source of revenue for bike mechanics, allowing health care workers to visit more patients with more supplies, and increasing accessibility to employment and education.

Having so many bikes in the community will effect it for years to come. Having proper transport will enable the community to grow into a place that offers suitable medical care to a citizenry that is educated, employed and more mobile.

Organization Information : Bicycles For Humanity - Atlanta, GA, Inc.

Budget : €3,008

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