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Help Protect Free-Roaming Black Rhino in Namibia


Titre : Help Protect Free-Roaming Black Rhino in Namibia

Pays : Namibie

Date : 2014-12-01

Namibia has the world’s largest free-roaming population of the endangered black rhino in its remote and rugged north-west. That means these rhino are in the wild, not restricted to a specific park or reserve. Amazing ! The Namibia Nature Foundation is working with local community-based conservancy organisations and Save the Rhino Trust to extend the Rhino Ranger program into an area not covered by regular rhino patrols. The goal is to fund a Rhino Ranger patrol in the field for a full year.

Black rhino are critically endangered, numbering less than 5000 worldwide. Poaching is a major threat, and ranger patrols are the critical first line of defense. Specialist Rhino Rangers, recruited from the local community, are the "eyes and ears" on the ground. Keeping Rhino Rangers in the field means better information and better protection for the black rhino of Namibia. These rangers are community based, are not funded by government and rely upon other forms of support to keep patrolling.

The Namibia Nature Foundation is working with three community run conservancy organisations in the rhino area. They aim to extend the reach of Save the Rhino Trust’s Rhino Ranger program into an area that does not yet have rhino patrols. The program recruits local community members, trains them as specialist rangers, and manages their work and reporting. The training is complete, and the Rhino Rangers are ready. Now we need your help to cover the patrol operational costs.

The project will help to extend a permanent community game-guard presence (six Rhino Rangers) into an area used by the largest free-roaming black rhino population in the world. The patrols add to the information vital in ensuring the rhino’s continued existence and safety, working closely with the police and anti-poaching units. Experience in neighboring areas shows that this has worked. The program also provides much needed income to community members in this remote region.

Organization Information : Namibia Nature Foundation

Budget : €21,662

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