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Reclaim 1000s of acres of grasslands in Namibia


Titre : Reclaim 1000s of acres of grasslands in Namibia

Pays : Namibie

Date : 2008-12-17 // 2011-06-06

CCF’s BushBlok project harvests invasive bush in southern Africa, reclaiming thousands of acres of grasslands for wildlife and farmers and manufacturing a clean-burning source of energy from the wood.

The cheetah’s habitat, woodland savannahs in southern Africa, are being choked by an invasive bush. The bush not only steals wildlife habitat, but farmland, in a country that is approximately 50% subsistence farming. CCF harvests the invasive bush in Namibia and manufactures it into clean-burning fuel logs, which not only reclaims the land for wildlife and farming but also provides jobs in a country that has 36% unemployment. The woody biomass provides an inexpensive, clean source of energy.

CCF harvests invasive bush from savannahs in Namibia, returning habitat to endangered species such as the cheetah and reclaiming farmland. The harvested bush is manufactured into a clean-burning fuel log and sold to help offset CCF’s program costs.

The harvesting project will restore tens of thousands of acres of habitat to its original state, providing jobs for Namibians and manufacturing a clean-burning log that will provide income for CCF.

Organization Information : Cheetah Conservation Fund

Budget : €1,236

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