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Help Dogs Save Cats


Titre : Help Dogs Save Cats

Pays : Namibie

Date : 2009-03-23

Help the Cheetah Conservation Fund provide Livestock Guarding Dogs to subsistence farmers in Namibia, to prevent farmers from avenging livestock predation by killing the endangered cheetah.

Cheetah are often blamed-and killed-for livestock loss in Namibia. CCF breeds a large, aggressive breed of dog used for centuries in Turkey to guard livestock, and distributes puppies at no cost to subsistence livestock farmers in Namibia. The dogs bond tightly with their charges, and alert their herds when a predator approaches. In most cases, the dog’s bark is enough to deter most predators. Not only do the farmers benefit by losing fewer animals, fewer cheetahs are killed.

Each year, CCF breeds and places about 30 puppies with subsistence livestock farmers, who are required to attend a course on how to care for the dogs. CCF follows up annually with owners of dogs to ensure they are being cared for properly.

Conflict with humans-specifically livestock farmers-is one of the biggest threats to the cheetah. Namibian livestock herds with guard dogs experience a decrease in predation of 80 to 100%. This will save the lives of hundreds of cheetahs a year.

Organization Information : Cheetah Conservation Fund

Budget : €14,728

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