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Provide Health Care to Namibian Women & Children


Titre : Provide Health Care to Namibian Women & Children

Pays : Namibie

Date : 2012-04-01 // 2013-06-14

This project will support the installation and operation of a new maternal child health clinic in an informal settlement outside Swakopmund where women and children have no access to health care. Containers 2 Clinics (C2C) has converted two shipping containers into a fully-equipped health clinic and, working in partnership with the Namibia Ministry of Health, will provide perinatal and infant clinical care, medicine and health education for girls and young women.

Namibia suffers from alarming maternal and child mortality rates. The World Health Organization recently ranked Namibia 168 out of 191 countries for global health indicators. 40% of the population lives more than 5km to the closest clinic with no access to public transportation. Local clinics are often understaffed or under-equipped so central facilities are overcrowded with average waiting times of six hours. Only 35% of women receive antenatal care in the first 4 months of their pregnancy.

The C2C clinic will provide access to healthcare for all women and children in the DRC community. Currently, the nearest healthcare facility in Tamariskia is more than 5km away on foot, so women are forced to walk there with their young children in tow, endure long wait times to see a doctor and then walk home again. Women will receive perinatal care checkups as well as clinical care, immunizations, nutritional supplements and medications for their young children through five years of age.

6,000 residents live in the DRC today but this number is expected to triple in the next year. The presence of the clinic will remove the obstacle of distance for women in the DRC. Clinical care and medications will be available for safe pregnancy, childbirth and young children. C2C’s health education outreach program will teach women valuable health-seeking behaviors for themselves and their children. This will have a direct impact on reducing maternal and early childhood mortality.

Organization Information : Containers 2 Clinics

Budget : €15,781

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