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Equip 15 new energy entrepreneurs in rural Namibia


Titre : Equip 15 new energy entrepreneurs in rural Namibia

Pays : Namibie

Date : 2013-06-10 // 2015-10-19

Elephant Energy is training 15 new Energy Entrepreneurs in rural areas throughout Northern Namibia who will sell low-cost energy technologies such as solar lanterns and cell phone chargers and solar/crank-powered radios in their local communities. Our network of Energy Entrepreneurs delivers much-needed energy alternatives to off-grid communities while earning a profit through sales of products. The result : new sources of energy and new streams of income which are truly life-changing.

Energy is a basic necessity for survival and an essential component of economic development. However, over 1.4 billion people have no access to electricity. Over 70% of rural Namibians still live without electricity, and as a result are dependent upon costly and dangerous sources of energy. While there are many clean energy products capable of meeting the energy needs of poor households, they have not combined the financing, local access, and education needed to achieve widespread adoption

Elephant Energy recruits, trains and supplies Energy Entrepreneurs in areas around Namibia. EE empowers them to distribute safe, clean and money-saving energy technologies-such as solar-powered lanterns, cell phone chargers, and radios in their rural communities. This sales model enables energy access in remote communities and generates income for entrepreneurs, thus empowering them to improve their own standard of living by providing access to life-improving products in their communities

Elephant Energy provides Energy Entrepreneurs the tools they need to generate income through the sales of clean energy products, thus allowing them to help their families rise out of poverty. By distributing energy through a sustainable business model rather than through hand-outs, Elephant Energy ensures that entrepreneurs and their communities mutually benefit from the delivery of energy products, now and far into the future.

Organization Information : Elephant Energy

Budget : €2,237

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