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Help 244 Families Out of Poverty in Senegal !


Titre : Help 244 Families Out of Poverty in Senegal !

Pays : Senegal

Date : 2016-12-02 // 2020-08-12

Senegal is one of the most vibrant countries in Africa, but over half of the population lives on less than $1 a day. Trees for the Future is already working in 3 regions, but our newest project in Kaffrine is in dire need of your help. The good news is that one of our generous partners, Jade Yoga, has committed to matching $15,000 raised for this effort. With $30,000 the 244 families, consisting of 3,747 people, in our project will be able to graduate out of extreme hunger & poverty !

In Kaffrine, Senegal, 244 families, comprised of 3,474 people, are suffering from extreme poverty and hunger, living on less than $1 per day. Families must often skip meals and send children to bed hungry. Paying school fees becomes impossible. Family homes often fall into disrepair with large holes going unfixed in their grass roofs. The cycle of poverty constantly traps these families into less food and less opportunity

By funding this project, all of these farming families will finally graduate out of poverty and hunger through Trees for the Future’s Forest Garden Approach. Trees for the Future trains these farming families how to revitalize their land so that they can grow fast growing trees, fruit trees and vegetables in a protected space, called a Forest Garden. These trees and crops yield an increase in income by over 400%, allowing these families to finally break out of their dire circumstance.

The Forest Garden Approach is a truly sustainable model that has the potential to make an incredible long-term impact on these families. Trees for the Future not only provides the seeds and tools needed, but also teaches & trains farming families to implement techniques to cultivate provided tree & vegetable seeds sustainably. This means that through this capacity building model, farmers can break the cycle of extreme poverty & hunger so that it no longer plagues future generations.

Organization Information : Trees for the Future

Budget : €19,041

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