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Inclusive governance and improved security


Titre : Inclusive governance and improved security

Pays : Afghanistan

Date : Start date 2014-12-15 // End date 2016-12-15

Identification : A-04283-03

Bayan, meaning to #express oneself# in the official languages of Afghanistan, Dari and Pashtu, is a programme designed to link national influencing and awareness raising to the important issue areas of inclusive security and political participation of women. The two-year programme, implemented by three Dutch non-profit international development organisations (INGOs) and seven Afghan Women Organisations (WO) and Civil Society Organisations (CSOs), will leverage innovative public outreach and awareness platforms ; policy influencing and advocacy at the central level in Kabul, across provincial governments and CSOs, and on an international level in The Hague, Brussels and at the United Nations Commission on the Status of Women in New York ; and capacity building interventions with partners and programme target participants to promote women#s rights in accordance with the Dutch NAP 1325. This proposal builds on the success and lessons learned from the one-year Bayan pilot, #Bayan : Connecting Afghans for Women#s Rights#, which established a dedicated, indigenous social media platform # Bayan # and created the foundation for a cohesive partnership between the respective Dutch INGOs and Afghan WO and CSOs around the engagement and influencing power of educated Afghan youth. However, where the Bayan pilot project was concentrated around an SMS and Facebook platform, the new programme consists of a broader, more structural approach that links policy influencing and awareness raising activities with the existing mechanisms, policies and practices that have been put in place in Afghanistan to broaden the role of women in the security sector and in politics. As such, this programme will directly engage with the process of the Afghan National Action Plan 1325 and with relevant gender units, committees and other structures withinthe Afghan government that have been set up to promote women´s rights.The programme´s long term outcomes consist of 1) a contribution to an increasingly responsive security sector ; 2) increased public awareness and community support on inclusive security, protection and political participation of women ; and 3) a higher number of, higher qualified female politicians by the end of 2016. The aimis that this will indirectly contribute # next to efforts through other organisations and programmes # to a reduction of violence against women and effective political participation of women.

Financement : Oxfam Novib public funds
Total budget : 404,557 EUR

Acteur (s) : Stichting Gender Concerns International

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