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Central Highlands : Agriculture, Resilience


Titre : Central Highlands : Agriculture, Resilience

Pays : Afghanistan

Date : Start date 2014-01-01 // End date 2014-12-31

Identification : A-03651-02

This project has been designed to build community resilience to withstand environmental shocks common to the region including flooding, avalanches and landslides resulting from, or worsened by severe manmade watershed degredation. This project has alsobeen designed to improve the capacity of households to meet food security and nutritional needs independently. Finally this project has been designed to improve the systems and capacities of this national NGO (OHW) in practical terms, as #Afghan-Led# becomes less an aspiration and more of a reality in Afghanistan#s near future. The goal of this project is to enable rural Afghans, especially women, to respond to shocks such as drought and flooding which impact food security and livelihoods.

Total budget : 151,149 EUR

Acteur (s) : Organization of Human Welfare (OHW)

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