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CO-Drought Response Daykundi province


Titre : CO-Drought Response Daykundi province

Pays : Afghanistan

Date : Start date 2018-05-01 // End date 2018-09-30

Identification : A-05615-02

Oxfam works to help poor and marginalized people to gain control over their own lives by exercising their right to political participation, freedom of expression and information, freedom of assembly, and access to justice. Many projects currently being executed by Oxfam in Afghanistan on women and youth fall under this campaign.

In Afghanistan, ON has been working with local NGOs, civil society organisations and networks through a number of initiatives to raise awareness about human rights, promote women’s participation and leadership, and empower citizens to speak out on issues that affect their lives and to improve governance

Total budget : 61,727 EUR

Acteur (s) : Oxfam Novib

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