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Emergency Support to Reduce Drought


Titre : Emergency Support to Reduce Drought

Pays : Afghanistan

Date : Start date 2018-09-15 // End date 2018-12-31

Identification : A-05726-02

The overall combined effect of drought is a significant shortage of water for rainfed agriculture, irrigated agriculture, and pastures. Livestock products are the major source of nutritious food and income for vulnerable farmers especially women-headed families.As it is difficult for people to maintain livestock in absence of fodder and water, livestock production has gone down, and livestock sale prices have decreased.

With the support of The Burberry Foundation, Oxfam and PUR Projet (the Partners)have undertaken a 5-year program (2017-2022) to support rural cashmere producing communities in Afghanistan. The focus of the program is to provide cashmere producers with the training/education, tools and governance structures needed to enhance their livelihoods and support a more sustainable and equitable industry in the country. This project is delivering over two provinces (Balkh and Herat).

Since Balkh and Herat both are affected by drought, there is the risk for this project that with increased food insecurity, the herders would sell or slaughter the Cashmere producing goats for household consumption. If the numbers of Cashmere goats and other productive animals drop, the project won’t be able to establish the value chains and subsequently wouldnot reach the targeted number of beneficiaries impacting the project outcomes in five years. To mitigate this risk and to protect local herders’ livelihoods it is imperative to provide humanitarian support through providing forage for the animal.

As DRA fund is allocated for Herat province in Cashmere target areas, therefore Oxfam management decided to allocate the approved grant by Burberry Foundation for Balkh province to mitigate the impact of drought on Cashmere beneficiaries

Financement : Oxfam GB
Total budget : 56,910 EUR

Acteur (s) : Partners in Revitalization and Building

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