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Flooding Response, Parwan and Nangarhar


Titre : Flooding Response, Parwan and Nangarhar

Pays : Afghanistan

Date : Start date 2020-10-01 // End date 2021-03-31

Identification : A-06519-03

Présentation partielle
To ensure protection and reduce the suffering of flood affected families in Parwan and Nangarhar provinces through rehabilitation of damaged shelters.
Planned activities :
Activity 1.1 : Needs assessment and beneficiary selection : Oxfam will get the initial list of beneficiaries from the provincial Directorate of ANDMA and Directorate of Refugees and Repatriations (DoRR). The project staff will conduct door to door assessment of the affected people based on this initial list. Oxfam will use the mobile data collection method and KOBO collect software for the data collection and analysis. Only the families whose shelters are damaged and who were not able to repair it will be selected for support. This will include the families whose shelters are damaged due to flooding and in addition have high debts (more than 5,000 AFN), are not supported by any other organization for similar purpose, elderly, disabled, womenheaded, and child headed households.
Activity 1.2 : Shelter repair/ shelter upgrading of damaged shelters : Since access to market isnot restricted and the construction materials are available in the local market, therefore Oxfam will use “Owner Driven Approach” where the owner will execute the rehabilitation of their shelters with cash and technical advice from Oxfam. Every beneficiary household will receive USD 300 (equivalent AFN amount) which is calculated to be required in similar purpose by the Emergency Shelter and Non-Food Items (ESNFI) Cluster and Cash and Voucher Working Group of Afghanistan. The cash will be distributed in two installments, the first installment will be distributed after the beneficiary selection and verification while the second installment will be distributed after 70% work progress. Oxfam/ NCRO engineers will conduct regular monitoring visits to every household to provide technical recommendation and advice for quality.
Activity 1.3 : Cash distribution : cash distribution will be done through local Hawala Dealer or the mobile money telecom companies. The contract with these financial service providers will be done by the local partner considering Oxfam procurement policy. Oxfam will complete pre and post distribution monitoring : Oxfam will conduct PDM with at least 10% of the beneficiaries. Oxfam will use ESNFI standard PDM tool for the post distribution monitoring.
Activity 1.4 : PASSA training : Oxfam will provide Participatory Approach for Safe Shelter Awareness (PASSA) training to all the shelter beneficiaries. Oxfam will train the beneficiaries to build the shelters based on Building Back Better (BBB) approach in reconstruction of shelters. Based on this method, the beneficiaries would be requested and advised to increase the height of foundations and take other measures so the house stand adverse conditions.

Financement : Oxfam Canada
Total budget : 188,785 EUR

Acteur (s) : New Consultancy and Relief Organization (NCRO)

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