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Emergency WASH Response in Daykundi


Titre : Emergency WASH Response in Daykundi

Pays : Afghanistan

Date : Start date 2020-05-01 - End date 2021-04-30

Identification : A-06402-02

Présentation partielle
The proposed project will provide WASH response with elements of immediate and durable solutions in Kjiran and Kiti of Daykundi ; <(>&<)> Dawlatyar, Ferozkoh, Lal wa Sarjangal <(>&<)> Tolak of Ghor. These 6 districts are among the 30 districts identified by the WASH Cluster that have the most need for this support. The project is mainly providing facilities for WASH practice among the most vulnerable, disaster affected and suffering communities from high cases of water and vector borne diseases. Gender, protection and safeprogramming is mainstreamed in this project design, implementation, monitoring <(>&<)> evaluation phases across all activities.

The project will directly support 18,200 individuals (2,184 men, 2,002 women, 7,462 boys and 6,554 girls) from 2,600 households, in the targeted 6 districts by providing access to safe water for drinking <(>&<)> domestic use, sanitary latrine to those who need the most and finally by motivating them to change their behavior regarding hygiene at personal, family <(>&<)> community level. The proposed project will enable the population to reduce health risks from water <(>&<)> vector borne diseases, reduce the treatment cost and loss of earning/employment due to illnesses, decrease time spent fetching water <(>&<)> most critically it will reduce challenges to the health <(>&<)> dignity of women and girls# due to lack of sanitation facilities.

The project will be implemented in close collaboration with other stakeholders including the WASH cluster, MRRD, local government, community leaders, other NGOs and most importantly women <(>&<)> men in the target communities.

Financement : OCHA - UN ORGANISATIONS Total budget : 216,413 EUR

Acteur (s) : Organization of Human Welfare

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