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Deaf Young access - Malian Association for Deaf people (AMASOURDS)


Titre : Deaf Young access - Malian Association for Deaf people (AMASOURDS)

Pays : Mali

Date : Start date : 2021-04-01 // End date 2022-09-30

Identification : A-06331-05:ML

The project the hands to liberate the speech is implemented by AMASOURD an Malian association for deaf people. This project targets young living with deaf for 18 months and implemented in Bamako .It contributes to facilitate their access to social services through the interpreters training and language of sign and communities events and advocacy to reduce social and communication barriers.

The project contributes to reduce communication barriers and facilitate people living with deaf disability empowerment. The project will allow to facilitate people with deaf access to social services and against social discrimination and allow to express themselves and able to have various information
The mains activities are training, radio broadcast,campaign website, short video. Sensitization and awareness.

Financement : Netherlands Dutch SP D&D VOICE
Total budget : 4,974 EUR

Acteur (s) : Malian Association for Deaf people (AMASOURDS)

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