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Amplify Voices (Femme et Tic and Kunafoni)


Titre : Amplify Voices (Femme et Tic and Kunafoni)

Pays : Mali

Date : Start date : 2021-04-01 // End date : 2023-12-31

Identification : A-06333-02:ML

The Women and ICT in Consortium with Kunafoni is the facilitator of Link and learning component Voice in Mali for 3 years. Link and learning is the heart and soul of Voice. Through this component, we stimulate collaboration, listening, learning, documentation, innovation and the application of new knowledge among rightsholders and more broadly with communities and stakeholders. The objectiveof the Link and learning component project is to amplify in an innovative and inclusive way the voices of the many rightsholders through capacity building, lobbying, awareness-raising, empowerment, advocacy, denunciations, among others ; but also to share through documentation, linkages and learning.
The consortium has put ightsholders groups at the heart of the implementation of Voice activities and facilitates the development of communities of practice around issues and challenges that affect them. They are developing a platform to promote inclusive collaboration, including for communities in other regions of Mali. The consortium organizes innovative events and meetings to amplify the voices of rights holders at the local, regional, national and international levels, supported bythe production of documents and shareable visuals to deepen learning.

Several innovates activities will take in place including : “Handicapable” Festival (1st and 2nd edition), Kunafoni Show-time, communities of practice and stakeholders, publication online anddissemination of 6 rapped debates, Five Dial-in Conferencing, production of two documents in drawings defending the position of VOICE grant partner groups and many other inclusive activities. During the implementation of the Linking and Learning component project, inclusion, respect for personal data and the authorization of participation of people and resources will be done through formal frameworks, to value information that can serve as inspiration for some and as life lessons for others. For sharing and exchanging experiences and information are the keys to success that will weave links towards innovation and learning, especially in the VOICE program in Mali.

Financement : Netherlands Dutch SP D&D VOICE
Total budget : 171,529 EUR

Acteur (s) : Association "Women and ICT" and the web TV "KUNAFONI"

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