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Strategic Partnership-TM (Transparency Maroc)


Titre : Strategic Partnership-TM (Transparency Maroc)

Pays : Maroc

Date : Start date : 2016-01-01 // End date 2017-03-31

Identification : A-04851-03:MA

Transparency Maroc, TM will focus on the provision of tools on the theme of transparency through a risk map of the tax system corruption, access to budget and tax information and advocacy for transparent financial laws that are accessible to citizens. TMwill carry out the advocacy with the partners on national level to words the ministry of finance and the MPs in order to modify the related laws such as finance bill according to the tax reforms proposed by CSOs.

Transparency Maroc, TM will implement the following activities : * A meeting with the Ministry of Economy and Finance to submit the results of the study and proposals /recommendations of TM regarding fiscal system reform. * National workshop of the reconstruction of the study results on the mapping of fiscal system corruption risks and recommendations.regard * - Bilateral meetings with the Ministry of Economy and Finance and parliamentarians to submit the plea of fiscal system reform that is transparent and just * - Elaboration of corruption risks mapping of the fiscal system which will be at the disposal of the concerned actors ; * - National debate for the discussion of proposals regarding fiscal system reform * - Advocacy and lobbying the parliamentarians and the Ministry of Economy and Finances to influence the adoption of the finance law including reform proposals. * - A mobilization meeting of OSCs and citizens in the axis of Kenitra-Rabat-Mohammedia to define a strategy toplea decision-makers to have a reform of fiscal system. * – Regional awareness meetings on citizens mobilization and building the capacities of citizens, civil society actors and local media on public finances themes to form a basic plea network * - Awareness and vulgarization meetings with university students on public finances * - Capacity building workshop for a group of 20 to 30 journalists on public finance. * - Elaboration and suggesting of a plea platform for fiscal system reform. * - Organization of a media campaign to raise awareness and mobilize the media (TV channels, print and electronic media, private and community radios).

Financement : Netherlands Dutch SP D&D Lobby&Advocacy
Total budget : 72,694 EUR

Acteur (s) : Transparency Maroc Observatoire

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