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Strategic Partnership-ADFM (Association démocratique des femmes du Maroc)


Titre : Strategic Partnership-ADFM (Association démocratique des femmes du Maroc)

Pays : Maroc

Date : Start date : 2016-01-01 // End date : 2017-03-31

Identification : A-04851-07:MA

ADFM, will implement the following activities : * - Diagnosis study of the actors that influence budgetary and fiscal reform and thelevels of participation of each actor regarding budgetary cycle and three national and3 meetings of the study results presentation. * - Two awareness meetings with the parliamentarians and different actors for the integration of the gender approach in the governmental program. * -Three regional meetings with the actors concerned about the management of public local affairs on the territorial fiscal system reform. * -Three meetings with the parliamentarians about public policies sensitive to gender. * -Three national meetings with the parliamentarians, the representatives of the Second Chamber, and with the officials within the Ministry of Finance regarding the issue of national fiscal reform. * - Reinforcing the capacities of the OSC regarding gender-responsive budgeting, taxation and the pertinence of the gender approach integration in the organic law of finance * - Organization of 4 communal auditions at the territorial level between citizens and decision-makers on planning and territorial budgeting sensitive to gender. * - Organization of a national platform on "the OF, and the BSG, taxation sensitive to gender approach and on the socio-economic orientations responsive to gender* - Production of a vulgarization guide of the recommendation of the study on the time budget women to explain the importance of care economy in taxation and budget. * - Organization of three debate meetings with civil society on the latest news of the Organic Finance Law and Finance Law of 2017-2018-2019 * - Organization of three press conferences to vulgarize the State guidelines in the concept note of the Finance Law of 2017-2018-2019. * - Meeting on gender responsive budgeting (GRB) * - Capacity building for local elected representatives on GRB and taxation * - Development of a guide for the institutionalization of the Equality and equal opportunities and gender approach body * - Four meetings of debate and consultation to institutionalize Equality and equal opportunities committees at the territorial level. * - Capacity building for elected women at territorial level to monitor the implementation of the Communal Action Plan (CAP), gender responsive budgeting (GRB), equality and equal opportunities and gender approach body.

Financement : Netherlands Dutch SP D&D Lobby&Advocacy
Total budget : 64,035 EUR

Acteur (s) : ADFM, Association démocratique des femmes du Maroc is a women rights organization, that aims to defend the rights and the strategic interests of women at the global and sectoral policy level

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