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SAFEFOD-Govern. Poverty & inequality (Senegal)


Titre : SAFEFOD-Govern. Poverty & inequality (Senegal)

Pays : Senegal

Date : Start date 2015-01-01 // End date 2015-12-31

Identification : A-04409-06

The Oxfam programme in Senegal Governance against Poverty aims to put several civil society actors together to work on the different governance aspects that have to tackle pro poor policies. The different components are a better Access to Information, more Transparency and Accountability in the Extractive Industries and Public Finances. With the different partners, Oxfam has indentified specific activities. Youth and women groups will actively participate in decision-making process and defend their right in decision-making bodies. Poor and marginalized people have access to information on the policies regarding them. Civilians participate actively in budget formulation at local level. Evaluation will enable transparency, legitimacy, and effectiveness of popular control of expenditures by government to reduce inequality. Communities will be mobilized to participate in the evaluation of IETI and mining code and the process of IETI. This will nourish the lobby toward parliamentarians and government for a better regulation of the income from mining. Oxfam is coordinating between the different actors and linking to the regional and global level ti give the influencing work more weight. A committee will monitor and evaluation of the program every three months with this we will be able to adapt the direction of our program if necessary and obtain the results we want.

Total budget : 52,184 EUR

Acteur (s) : African Society for Education and Training for Development (SAFEFOD)

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