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Become able to repair farm machinery (Senegal)


Titre : Become able to repair farm machinery (Senegal)

Pays : Senegal

Date : Start date 2013-07-01 // End date 2014-12-31

Identification : A-03415-02

The project will create jobs in maintenance of agricultural machinery for young people with little education. The diploma is a state diploma which validation is under the responsibility of the Directorate of Examinations, Competitions and Certifications. The Competency Based Approach is the methodology which guaranties that the training will match the needs of the private sector. The major companies in the valley are interested in vocational training in Maintenance of Agricultural Machinery.

As results of this project : Producers in the Senegal River valley will be supported by a skilled workforce for the repair of agricultural machinery, thereby stabilizing their production and hence their revenues. Young people of low level of education will be valued by having greater job opportunities Besides, the image of rural trades will be improved

OPPORTUNITY The project is a pilot that will be integrated into larger rural employment projects with external funding. Strategically , this project combines a training that meets the requirements of rural private sector and promoting continuation of study by less educated youngsters ; a target group of very low educated youth with aspects of gender and active citizenship. The CSR (corporate social responsibility of the companies) is another dimension of this project. It aims to develop the students’ sense of responsibility on all matters affecting the school, the company and its stakeholders (environment, civil rights, legal rights)

Total budget : 64,140 EUR

Acteur (s) : Lycée Technique André Peytavin -St Louis

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