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WAF : regional women’s rights and farmers


Titre : WAF : regional women’s rights and farmers

Pays : Senegal

Date : Start date 2018-04-01 // End date 2019-03-31

Identification : A-05659-14

Oxfam West Africa Regional Platform will use this contribution to help the work of two partners : WILDAF and ROPPA. WILDAF is a pan African NGO meaning Women in Law and Development in Africa. This partner will use the contribution for the following activities : # Monitor the gender mainstreaming in the implementation of ECOWAS policies, programs, plans and budgets to ensure implementation. # Advocate for policy and legal reforms on gender and women#s rights, as well as changes in practices, which are harmful to women. # Bring campaigning support and expertise to regional campaigns on women#s land rights, women#s smallholder farmer#s rights and violence against women. ROPPA is an initiative from farmers# organizations and agricultural producers across West Africa. This contribution will be used to organize its 7th convention for its 117 members. The main objective of the convention is to adopt measures, tools andcreate the necessary conditions, in accordance with the statutes of the network, to allow ROPPA to pursue effectively his action ofpromotion and defence of the family farms. One of the ways to do this is to inform and sensitize members of the network on key strategic issues and current challenges facing family farming through sharing of experiences and collective learning around a number of major critical issues for farms family.

Financement : Oxfam Novib
Total budget : 35,000 EUR

Acteur (s) : Oxfam Novib

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