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Back to School Kits for Vulnerable Students


Titre : Back to School Kits for Vulnerable Students

Localisation : Gaza Strip

Code : 020_002382

Date de clôture : 2017-12-27

IRPAL will provide most vulnerable children with assistance of education kit to back to school as dignified and decent as the rest of their peers at school. The education kit shall include a school bag, school uniform, stationery set and any other assistive devices needed to increase students’ capacity such as glasses or a hearing device. Project Impact To contribute towards alleviating the suffering of needy children and their families in Gaza strip through supporting them to back to school. Project Outcomes 1. Reduce the suffering of Palestinian children by providing them with school bags. 2. Help children’s families by contributing to their childrens education expenditures. Project Outputs • 300 children received education kit for one semester. • 1300 vulnerable children are able to back to school as dignified as their peers. • Families of target students shall restore their recovery resilience by paying expenses to other needs. • Mental stress and economic burden reduced against guardians of targeted children.

Bénéficiaires : 300

Financement : Islamic Relief Netherlands
Value (GBP) : 27,652

Islamic Relief Worldwide

Page publiée le 19 juillet 2022