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Mobile Teepee Library for the Tsataan Nomads


Titre : Mobile Teepee Library for the Tsataan Nomads

Pays : Mongolie

Date : 2012-12-14// 2014-07-21

This project will establish a mobile teepee library for the nomadic Tsataan Reindeer Herder (Dukha) community and provide books, primary healthcare training, and other needed educational material to surrounding town libraries. Edurelief is working alongside local teachers and Peace Corps volunteers to promote quality education in this small, at-risk community.

There are only about 55 families left in the Tsataan community, the last of this nomadic people who depend on raising reindeer for their livelihood. Ignored by both Mongolia and Russia, their way of life is at risk of disappearing completely. This project will promote quality education and healthcare within the Tsataan community as well as bring educational support to nearby schools and communities that have direct contact with them.

This project will provide sustainable educational solutions and healthcare training to support the Tsataan community in their nomadic way of life. It will give them access to books and other materials on par with the rest of the country, allowing their children to learn and develop while protecting their way of life.

The small Tsataan community will benefit greatly from receiving education and healthcare solutions that do not require them to change their traditional way of life. There are about 60 children under the age of 18 in this community who will directly benefit from having access to high quality educational materials and learning how to keep healthy. Supporting nearby schools that reach nearly 1,200 students will help the Tsataan continue their nomadic culture for years to come.

Organization Information : Edurelief

Budget : € 315

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