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Support 32 burned Children in Mongolia


Titre : Support 32 burned Children in Mongolia

Pays : Mongolie

Date : 2015-09-01 // 2016-01-05

Every year, more than 5,000 people are suffering from forest fire or stove or hot water since there are cold and dry weather in Mongolia. Most of them are children so under this project, we will support about 30 burned children in Mongolia by the services such as medical fees, emergency medical treatment, ointment, and especially skin graft surgery.

Early treatment is important for burned people, but due to the inadequate health care system, expensive for ointment price and treatment fee in Mongolia, the burned patients cannot get proper treatment and therefore suffer from serious deformities. The video show above is the little girl called Narangmanda and her family who lost everything in fire. They emergently need their treatment and living support as they cannot work temporary. Similarly, there are many children are suffering in Mongolia.

This project will support as shown : 1. Sending ointment which is very important to prevent from scars. 2. Support temporary medical treatment those children. 3. Bring the children who got seriously burned to Korea hospital which is specializing for skin graft surgery. 4. Through your support, more than 30 burned children from Mongolia will get a chance to start their life again

The "Hamkaehanun Sarangbat" have high interested to the children who got seriously burned around the world to get back their stable life, giving hope and better future. By providing the ongoing treatment fees, skin graft surgery treatment, supporting for living, and providing ointment, the children who got seriously burned will get proper treatment and surgery. We will continuously support for burned children by providing different services as we believe they are the light of the future.

Organization Information : Hamkkehaneun Sarangbat

Budget : €420

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