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Mongolian Herder Veterinarian Training


Titre : Mongolian Herder Veterinarian Training

Pays : Mongolie

Date : 2021-09-13

Mongolian herders that have relied on traditional animal husbandry for generations are struggling to adapt to our changing world. One of the last nomadic horse cultures on earth can benefit greatly from modern veterinarian methods to make the lives of their families and animals better. Steppe and Hoof travels into the Mongolian countryside with programs, tools and supplies to help herders live better so they can continue to live as they have for a thousand years

For generations Mongolian herders have passed on methods and knowledge for raising animals that they learned from their ancestors. Unfortunately some of these traditional techniques are not backed by modern science and can be detrimental to the animal. Despite the wealth of modern veterinary knowledge that is available today, many animals in Mongolia suffer needlessly because herders don’t have access to information.

Through the use of local and international veterinarians, we will be teaching herders practical things like wound cleaning as well as showing them how to use and apply modern veterinary techniques.

By educating herders and giving them a sustainable way to treat their animals, we can help them to be more self sufficient and continue their unique nomadic lifestyle. The goal of donations to our veterinarian program is to dramatically improve the lives of 180 Mongolian herders and the animals they depend on.

Organization Information : Taliin Tuurai (Steppe and Hoof)

Budget : €39,259

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